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HIRT - The Businessman's Workout

When it comes to fitting a workout into the business week The Rolling Stones were wrong - time is not on your side. Enter High Intensity Resistance Training (HIRT).

How To Juggle Your Exercise and Work Schedule

"You're going to have to skip that gym session mate, I need you in this meeting.". "Babe I need you to take the kids to school today, you're workout is going to have to wait......"Something like that ring a bell?

Is Reducing Your Carb Intake Really Good For You?

If you've been living in the 21st Century with the rest of us, you'll be acutely aware that the nutrition world is a mess.

What NOT To Do At The Gym

Sometimes the feeling that others are watching and judging our every move is almost palpable; am I doing something incorrectly?

5 Exercises To Spice Up Your Training

Sometimes getting off the couch or out of the office to don training gear and actually workout seems a step too far. Motivation, boredom, absent training partner, whatever it is, at times the idea is just not enticing.

3 Shakes To Start Your Morning Right

Shakes. Done correctly, breakfast shakes (or smoothies if you like) can hit our requirements and get us going until we can hit a more solid meal.

The Guide To Training And Recovery At The Gym

Ever wondered if you're training too much? Getting the balance right between overall training volume/intensity and recovery can be a precarious rope to walk.

Biggest Exercise Myths To Avoid

Information. Everywhere you turn, information overload. Everyone has an opinion, and unfortunately the mass media acts to create, spread and reinforce many incorrect pieces of information.

Getting That Summer Six Pack

In a world overdosed on information about how to get the quick fix, getting in better physical shape still seems to be a problem. We nail a few key areas to focus on.

Nadal Plays Strip Tennis For Tommy Hilfiger

Yesterday in Manhattan's Bryant Park, Nadal played a nice, friendly game of strip tennis in the 30 degree (c) , New York heat.

5 Best Exercises To Lose The Gut

Looking your best is often overshadowed by that little thing that's been sneaking our waistline outwards since we hit manhood; the gut.

Top Exercises For Improving Your Sex Life

It doesn't take much jogging of the memory to bring forth the intensity of your teenage/early twenties sex drive. It just so easy to recall, I mean, it kind of ruled a large part of our lives then.