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The Wellesley Hotel London

One of my favourite London hotel escapes.

The Suitcase Made For Your Suit.

Traveling in style has its perks not only for appearance but mainly for your clothes.

The Loden Hotel - Vancouver

There comes a time for many travellers, where hotel visits become a little too... Groundhog Day. Despite the luxury, after a while they can roll into one another, bringing forth a desire for something that feels a bit more like home.

Melbourne Hot Spots You Need To Try

A guide to some of Melbourne's finest bars, restaurants and shops.

Mike Does Hawaii: Maui and Honolulu

I recently took a much needed holiday to Hawaii, where I relaxed by the beach and pool, ate ridiculously well, and just plain enjoyed myself. I thought I'd share the two places I stayed at and a few other tips for anyone looking to head over to the

Shangri-La - The Shard

You hear the words 'Shangri-La' and you immediately associate luxury accommodation, however the Shangri-La at The Shard takes the word luxury, to a whole new level.