How To Dress For Autumn

As the colder months approach, it's time to ensure that your wardrobe is prepared for a drop in the mercury. Here are a few of the latest tailoring trends this autumn.


If we've learnt anything from the European winter collections, it's that colour is everything. We've seen the success of burgundy, deep purples and classic camel. Greys will always be at home in winter, but can be brought to life with streaks of red and blue.


The turtleneck, or roll-neck for the Brits amongst us, has had its fair share of bad press over the last decade or so. But, it's back, and with an urbane vengeance. A suitable replacement for a shirt, wear it under a suit or overcoat, or match it with a boldly patterned trouser and lose the jacket.


The colder months call for their own blends and weights of fabric. Mohair is a popular choice due to its breathability, but perhaps more so for its non-crease sturdiness.  

Woollen coats should be well-cut and heavy, providing both warmth, a little waterproofness and, most of all, an unquestionable layer of style to an outfit. Colder places call for heavier weights of wool in the jacket, but all should be cut to your figure and not baggy around the waist. 

Shearling, too, comes into its own as the temperature stays down, proving a thick layer of suede and wool to an outfit. Common in brown and white, you'll also see it in black, grey and tan, giving it a little versatility within your wardrobe. Perfect for layering, wear it over a neutral-coloured turtleneck and trouser combination, and finish it off with a scarf.


An undeniable trend amongst well-dressed men is the theme-blurring addition of sneakers with suiting. For best results, sport a white or light grey low or high-top sneaker, like those by Common Projects. Keep the sports brands out of it, so no Nike, and definitely no Yeezy. 


Belts are not as stylish as you think they are. Where once they were considered , now it speaks of ill-fitting trousers and an over-active mid-section. Lose them for side-clip suspenders, or wear nothing at all.

Double-breasted jackets are a staple for a debonair. Look for six external buttons if you're a taller man, or four if you're a little closer to the ground. 

Layering with a light scarf is winter's gift to the fashion-loving gent. Don't fear a little colour or patterning, regardless of formality. 

And whatever you do, do it with personality, style and confidence and you'll be halfway there.

Author: Simon Paul / Date: 23-01-2018 01:00 AM

Category:  Style

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