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Handcrafted in Italy, the internationally praised Mark/Guisti offers all things leather: from luggage and weekend bags to document covers and business bags. 

These Italian handcrafted leather goods are sharp, sleek and stylish, each influenced by the extensive travels and cultural experiences of founder Mark Farhat. 

His designs whisper of Sicilian coastlines, Byzantine architecture and Arab-Norman mosaic art, and sublimely cater for all who find themselves drawn to his. A businessman will find something to suit his needs as equally as a Gatsby revivalist. And for the gentleman who wants something special, a bespoke service ensures the utmost in original luxury. 

Oppermann London

Modern, uncluttered and refined, Oppermann London create luxury goods handcrafted by Italian master craftsmen dedicated to creating durable goods from uncommon vegetable-tanned leather. 

The Oppermann aesthetic is inspired by the graceful union of Swedish minimalism and contemporary London style. Clean lines and geometric shapes construct subtle architectural frames within each item and bestow functional, simple beauty.

And given that the brand is partnered with London's members-only club Library, you'll be certain to find like-minded lovers of quality leather luxury wherever you go with an Oppermann in hand.

Progetto Fede

Progetto Fede, or Project Faith, is born from the wanderlust of brothers Luca and Aldo who create jewellery and accessories from materials collected during their travels. Why? To give life and lustre to ornaments of yesteryear that are part of a past with no history and of an unknown origin. In their eyes, this reinvention births an identity in each Progetto Fede product that creates a bridge between the past, the present and the future.

And their bags are no exceptions. Melding discovered leather with ancient Turkish and Moroccan rugs and tapestries, and finishing them with finely worked metals, these bags are utterly original fashion statements handcrafted by artisans. 

Author: Simon Paul / Date: 18-01-2018 08:37 AM

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