5 Beers To Up Your BBQ Game

Summer is upon us and that means two things; pretending my dad bod is intentional at the beach and barbecues where that mate that said he'd bring the beer picks up a case of cheap, boring lager that everyone can drink but no one can enjoy. Your esky isn't a time-machine, so get out of the 90's and buy some real beer!

Before we make it down to the list of beers I'd like every beer geek in the audience stop and take a deep breath, count to your favourite beer's IBU and stay out of the comments. This isn't about craft beer, it's about barbecues, enjoyment for everyone and knowing you can pick at least one of them up at your local.

That being said, beer today has so much flavour you can almost legitimately claim it as a meal replacement. Don't be scared of trying something new but most of all don't listen to someone telling you a beer is great if you don't enjoy it.

Enough preaching, let's hit the beers and the classic BBQ dishes that they work with.

#1 - Southern Bay Requiem Pilsner

This is a classic German style lager designed to have plenty of subtle flavour without a heavy texture or bitter finish. Perfect for fresh seafood.

#2 - Murray's Rude Boy Pilsner

Just like above but with a much more hop-forward hit, it's ridiculously refreshing and honestly one of the most sessional beers on a hot day I've ever come across. Use it to cut through the fat from your cheap sausages.

#3 - 4 Pines ESB

ESB = Extra Special Bitter. It's a style not many Australian brewers get right because it's all about the slightly chocolate malt flavours, the creamy mouthfeel and a finish that leaves you wanting more, not just seeing how much hops you can add. Pairs perfectly with the good steaks you kinda regret bringing because now you have to share.

#4 - Stone & Wood Pacific Ale

This beer is like the Rolling Stones of craft beer; if you don't like it there's something wrong with you and even the hardcore beer "scene" grudgingly admits it's real rock 'n roll. Obvious hit of passionfruit hop character with the best finish of any craft beer ever, you can drink it all day and it totally kills it next to a good potato salad.

#5 - Feral Hop Hog

Don't let the name fool you it's easy drinking, just packed full of flavour, if you think you might like craft beer get on this ASAP. Whilst it goes well with everything, it's honestly best with the fish and chips you end up buying because someone forgot to check the gas.

All of these beers are available at Dan Murphy's, just head over and search their name.

Author: Nick Rose / Date: 23-01-2018 12:41 AM

Category:  Food & Drinks

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