Button Brothers: Men's Stylists, Wardrobe Engineers and Style Influencers

MFB's Miles Wharton caught up with Button Brothers' founder and debonair Palmer Mutandwa to find out the secret to the lifestyle brand's success.

What is the Button Brothers and how did the concept come about?

Button Brothers is a men's lifestyle brand that isn't limited to men's styling, PR and events.

Marvin Holder and I started the brand and were joined by Hubert in 2014. We shared a common passion for menswear which had stemmed from growing up in the church back in Zimbabwe and Sunday Best was taken seriously. 

I also give credit to my high school Prince Edward in Harare which had very high grooming standards and paved the way for who I am now.

Are there any basic principles you follow in forming your style or the way you dress?

As a group we believe in the sartorial way of dressing but are quite individual in our tastes too. I enjoy motorcycles so I take pride in Belstaff leather jackets and boots, Persol sunglasses and retro Bell helmets.

But most Australian males are pretty casual with the way they dress; they see the suit as only being a uniform worn from 9-5 throughout the work day. 

How do you respond to those who say you're overdressed?

People tend to always be impressed with the group and maybe forget to mention if we are overdressed. This might be due to the confidence in which we carry our clothes. We take pride in how we look and believe first impressions last. 

I'd also like to mention that wearing a suit is not the only way to look smart, sporting separate jacket and pants is a form of maintaining a smart look without the intensity of wearing a full suit.

Advice I would give to Australian males who enjoy looking good but might be afraid is, don't be. Feel free to express yourself and trust me, it works with the ladies.

Do you think style goes beyond the clothes you wear?

Definitely, style embodies your whole character and persona. It comes to the way you walk, talk and express yourself. To me a sign of good style is manners and respect.

You mentioned the Button Brothers provide styling services. What are some common mistakes you have found men make with their styling and wardrobe choices?

From my observation men tend to over-do it by wearing clashing colours and patterns.  Simplicity is key. I suggest self-education by investing in men's magazines like The Rake, GQ and if it's a special day or you have a bit of disposable income, invest in a stylist. Knowledge is power.

Do you have any easy tips gents should keep in mind when choosing an outfit?

As I mentioned earlier keep it simple gents there's no prizes for the most complex outfit and remember it's not what you're wearing but how you wear it.

We are coming into summer, where sporting a suit can sometimes be a bit awkward because of our climate. What are the easiest ways to combat the heat?

Summer is a great time of the year to pull out the lighter fabrics like cotton and linen. An unlined linen or cotton jacket provides an uber cool look and even cooler body temperature.

I enjoy wearing a sports jacket with tailored shorts and a pair of sneakers or loafers during summer. This is a great look for a smart casual event such as the polo.

If you could only carry/wear 5 accessories, what would they be and why?

Socks - just because I love socks and they make me happy

A watch - Every man should have a watch.

A pocket square - you cannot finish an outfit without one.

A tie - this shows every other man you mean business.

Fragrance - this is probably one of the most important. It's your second skin, and I can never leave the house without it.

For a closer look at their style, follow them here.

Author: Simon Paul / Date: 18-01-2018 08:46 AM

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