Don't Lose Your Style When Going To The Beach

After speaking with various friends, it became obvious that some people just don't know what they should be wearing to the beach or around the pool. Too many feel that a rash shirt, board shorts and sandals is okay. Just because you're around the water doesn't mean your style should suffer, here we break down all the best aspects of suitable beach attire.


There are three main components to consider when searching for your next swim short: the cut, quality and design. We've chosen to feature Orlebar Brown as they make some of the finest resort wear in the game.

Firstly, the cut of a short is probably the most important aspect. The Orlebar Brown Bulldog cut featured above is a perfect example of optimum length, as it is a mid-length short and has a leg measurement of 15cm. Generally the taller you are, the longer your short can be, just aim to have the bottom of the short sit around the point where your leg muscles make a 'V' formation.

The quality is a no-brainer. Far too many people ask me why you would spend so much money on a plain pair of swim shorts that you only seem to use at the pool or beach. The easiest way to understand why is to go and buy a pair yourself and see how long they last. Take these Orlebar Brown shorts for example, every little detail of this short has been thought out to give you the most comfortable and lasting swim short possible, with only the best construction and materials from Europe being used. As a general tip, look out for quick drying shorts as this will make your life a lot easier.

Finally, the design of the short will generally be decided by your personal style or whether you like a bold print or something a little more conservative. Try to bear in mind that if you have a lighter skin tone, steer clear of bright colours, but again it's a complete personal preference. The design of these Merlot Red Orlebar Brown shorts are what make them so versatile as they can be worn swimming but will look equally as good walking around the beach side.


Linen Shirts

The ultimate summer material, linen is lightweight, and is great to throw on with a pair of chinos or your swim shorts, especially if you plan to pop in for a drink or lunch after your swim. I recommend going for something more slim fitting as linen can sometimes make you look like you're wearing a towel if the fit isn't right. Don't get too worried if the material crinkles, there's not too much you can do about it.

V Neck T-shirt

A simple fitted t-shirt can do more for your style than you would think. Stick to plain colours to avoid clashing with the other colours in your outfit, or just sport a plain white tee as personally I think this is what looks best anyway. In general however, make sure you avoid t-shirts with graphics.

Polo Shirts:

Everyone should own at least one polo because at some point I guarantee it will come in handy. It's not necessarily my favourite item to wear to the beach as they are usually a little heavier than a t-shirt or Linen shirt but nevertheless a good staple to have in your wardrobe. 


Espadrilles, Loafers or Driving Shoes are easily the most suitable footwear for the beach and pool. You never know where you may end up after, plus most bars and restaurants have strict dress codes with footwear, so it's always good to steer clear of thongs. A couple of my favourite brands to check out are: Castaner +  Eve & Kane.


My girlfriend's pet hate is when I ask her to carry my items for the beach in her bag, and as a result this has led me to taking my own bag to the beach. In my experience the tote is the perfect bag for all your beach needs. Its' got just enough room for a towel, spare shirt, sun cream & iPad. A lot of men won't feel that comfortable carrying a Tote bag, so we recommend the Want Les Essentiels which I think is one of the more masculine options on the market.

If I left anything unanswered, please leave us a question in the comments. If not, you can take a look at the full collection of Orlebar Brown products here: Orlebar Brown Store.

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Author: Miles Wharton / Date: 18-01-2018 08:38 AM

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