Fiat heads home for an Italian Adventure

As part of Fiat's sponsorship of the 2016 Lavazza Italian Film Festival and the world premiere of 'The Space Between', the first official co-production feature between Italy and Australia, the Fiat team have joined forces with the film's director Melbournian Ruth Borgobello. The Italian partners took a journey to the historic Friuli Venezia Giulia region in Italy where the film is set to enjoy all things Italy, food, wine and beautiful scenery. 

The Friuli region is located located 100km from Venice and boasts an incredibly richly diverse landscape that transverses the jagged Giulian Alps, UNESCO and medieval towns Udine and Cividale and the vineyard peppered countryside(Friuli is most famous for Pinot Grigio!). 

One of Udine's best spots, Caffe Tomaso is a cosy ristorante that prepares some of the most delicious fare in the city - think classical Italian dishes such as vitello tonnato and anchovy spaghetti, all with a modern twist. An Italian meal wouldn't be complete with a glass of vino. Wineries such as Livio Felluga, whose 155-hectare estate is based in Friuli sees them produce one of Italy's most prestigious white wines - Terre Alte. 

One cannot look past the picture-perfect scenery at MAANJA Lake Suite & Restaurant, an untouched gem in Lake Sauris. The 12-month old property is owned and run by local Massimo Sciannameo, who spent 15 years getting this place off the ground (literally). Between the views and the food, this place is paradise.  

Author: Miles Wharton / Date: 23-01-2018 12:53 AM

Category:  Motors

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