Getting That Summer Six Pack

In a world overdosed on information about how to get the quick fix, getting in better physical shape still seems to be a problem. This very saturation of information in part is contributing to the difficulty of actually exposing the muscles we have underneath, especially our abs.

We must simplify. We want to be in an energy deficit, as well as promote the hormonal state that encourages fat loss and muscle gain/retention. There are many things to consider. However, there are no quick fixes or replacements for hard work. Hate to break it, but patience and consistently applying yourself to the necessary behaviours are what result in a 6-pack. 

While we must simplify, just sticking to 'eat less and move more' is selling ourselves short. Read the below and do; again and again.

Eat smart

Don't be distracted when you eat, allow yourself to work out when you're satisfied instead of mindlessly eating (too much), plus when your body is in a better place to digest. Learn your bodies required consumption in order to reach a calorie deficit; closed fist for veggies/carbs, palm for protein, thumb for fats.

Then focus on the 'what'; loads of veggies, quality proteins, fruits, eggs, nuts, seeds, some grains and dairy if you can handle it. Remove the crap, keep it pretty clean.

Train smart 

Train often, train hard and train with purpose; lift weights, hit the intensity for circuits and intervals to promote a beneficial hormonal environment for fat loss. Add in some steady cardio to build a better base for all the above and cover more calories burned. Move every day in some way, even play your favourite sports.

Sleep & manage stress

Incredibly underrated when it comes to fat loss. Work on 7-9 hours quality sleep a night, and both manage unnecessary stress as well as gain perspective on what should actually be a stressor to you at all. Too much stress can slow fat loss or stall it completely.

Take this integrated approach and you're taking the smart approach to fat loss. These are the big rocks, the 99%. Focus on this consistently before you worry about the 1%. Dig your heals in and do the work.

Author: Mike Campbell / Date: 23-01-2018 12:49 AM

Category:  Fitness

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