How To Sport The Sports Coat

The appeal of a sport coat comes from its effortless ability to mix casual fashion with dapperness without overheating you in the heat of summer. Here's our guide on how to do it right.

Cool Coats

To combat the heat, choose a lightweight and unlined jacket that allows for ventilation and doesn't overheat you. And don't be afraid to roll up your coat's sleeves for a bold look that will keep you cool.

Sports Coat Quirks

When choosing a sport coat, look for quirks that appeal to you and set it apart from everything else on the rack. Think double-breasted, patch pockets, wider lapels and roped shoulders. 


Your accessories can spice things up a little too. A pocket square is simply a must, and should match your shirt or tie in colour - but ensure that the patterns do not clash. Next, add a lapel flower or pin.

Dark Colours

It's understandable for summer heat to darken your mood, but it need not your wardrobe. Dark colours can work for a summer sport coat, but if not chosen well they run a higher risk of appearing overly simple, lacking in style and boring. 

Patterns can lend some liveliness, like a white pin or chalk stripe on navy, a herringbone in the weave, or a bold white Nick Wooster-esque polka dot. But be cognisant of a clash between your coat and your shirt - if in doubt, go with a plain shirt or tee under a patterned coat.

Author: Simon Paul / Date: 18-01-2018 08:49 AM

Category:  Style

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