Key Bottles For Your Home Bar

Whether you're having a Friday afternoon drink at home, entertaining, or just having a relaxing dinner for two, there are a few key bottle that are useful to have in your fridge or bar. Be prepared for any occasion with this helpful list of must-haves for your home. 


We all have that friend that pretends to be a 'mixologist', besides sugar & bitters turns any horrible whisky or bourbon into an old fashioned and you into an entertainer. 

My Pick:  Angostura


Because at least one other writer here is definitely into Crossfit, just stock up on lime and soda water.

My Pick: Aylesbury Duck


It's trendy right now, give it a go without horrible tonic water and you might find you like it.

My Pick: McHenry & Sons


Good scotch is like life before you got into a relationship; single, simple and rich.

My Pick: Old Pulteny


*Insert an inappropriate metaphor about the way I like my women*   (Dark, Sweet and multi-award winning)

My Pick: El Dorado 15


Bogans, everyone knows, is related to or happens to be one. Caution, can include country music.

My Pick: Michters


Because Australians can't pronounce Syrah

My Pick: Coonawarra


Sometimes you want to drink wine but don't want it to taste it

My Pick:  Torres Coronas 2011

Pinot Noir

We all saw the movie Sideways too you know

My Pick: Central Otago

Savignon Blanc

Just in case you accidentally bring home a milf from the beach

My Pick: Marlborough something something


Keep it oaked and buttery and you might just shock a real connoisseur

My Pick: Passing Clouds


No, no, no, the real stuff. If you're really going to pay more for bubbles just sack up and buy something decent.

My Pick: Perier Jouet

Author: Nick Rose / Date: 18-01-2018 08:34 AM

Category:  Food & Drinks

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