MFB's Hangover Cure

The best cure for anything is prevention. The tricky thing with drinking is that we want the first part that comes with it, the enjoyment, but we don't want the next; the hangover. This makes using prevention, i.e not drinking, a tough one to negotiate.

That doesn't mean prevention is ruled out completely. In fact getting on top of things after your session, prior to hitting the pillow is vital to ensuring your state the following morning. Here's our tips:

Re-hydrate Before Bed

Normal water won't cut it. We need to replace the electrolytes that you've lost, as well as help the liver to flush some of the 'toxins' you've ingested.

Get your protein shaker, add 2 teaspoons of green powder, one teaspoon of BCAAs and fill with coconut water to make 2-3 cups in volume. Top up with water if you need be and add a sprinkle of sea/rock salt. Then try and drink this over the next 5 minutes. 

As an extra, take some zinc and magnesium (or combined ZMA) to help rest and recovery. Darken your bedroom and get to sleep, with water close at hand.

The Next Day

Upon waking consume a glass of water straight away and even consider repeating the drink from before bed, then continue to sip on water for the next hour. The extra keen will have some Milk Thistle (liver support) on hand to help the liver flush out the damage done from the previous night.

Next, get into the fresh air, visit your favourite cafe and have a coffee. The caffeine will help to reduce the possibility of a headache (while your water consumption will counter its dehydrating effects).

While ensuring to not add more crap into your body, seek out a protein and fat dominant breaky such as bacon and eggs. To accompany your food, focus on getting an anti-oxidant rich tea into you, such as Green Tea.

During the morning continue to sip on water and if the situation calls for it, have another sleep.

While we all want to drink and avoid a hangover, a little prevention before bed is the best cure around. Happy drinking!

Author: Mike Campbell / Date: 18-01-2018 08:35 AM

Category:  Food & Drinks

Tags:  #Alcohol#Hangover