Nailing NYE Summer Style

Whether you're by the bay for a family picnic or leaning on a rooftop bar waiting for the fireworks, here's MFB's guide on how to bring in the New Year in style.

The Sport Jacket

If you're unsure as to the dress code and formality (or permanency) of your New Year Eve plans, your favourite sport jacket is your friend for the night. Effortlessly flexible, it can adapt from a barefoot beach party to a rooftop cocktail affair and keep you looking appropriately dapper.

A New Year's Eve party on Australian shores usually aren't overly cold affairs, and you'll need to dress for the weather. Choose a lightweight jacket (unlined if you have one), and match it with a smart jean, trouser or chino. Avoid darker hues; opt instead for more vibrant, celebratory colours like pure blue, light green and white into your outfit. 

Pull on a gingham check or chalk stripe white shirt, fold up a pocket square, and stuff a bow tie into an inside pocket in case of unexpected formalities. 

The Dress Slipper

Something of a sartorial chameleon, the dress slipper finds itself at home in more settings than you might expect. As appropriate in a pub as at the races, this shoe is all you need to juggle unexpected plans whilst staying well-dressed.

A comfortable, yet devilish, summer shoe, it oozes style when worn right. Go sockless (more easily kicked off for an impromptu beach walk), match its colour to a feature of your outfit (brown shoes go hand in hand with white suits with brown linings), and fold up your trouser hems an extra inch.  

The Midnight Toast

The more urbanely you dress, the more you're expected to know about, well, almost everything, and alcohol is no exception. So when it comes time to toast in the New Year, remember that champagne should be opened and poured on a 45 degree angle, is best served in a tapered wine glass, and that Mot is pronounced mo-wett, despite any and all arguments to the contrary. 

If there are any voices of dissent from the chorus, gently remind them that the famous winemaker, who was also the first to exclusively produce sparkling wine, was of Dutch descent. He could even trace his heritage to a Dutch soldier named LeClerc who fought alongside Joan of Arc against England's attempts to prevent the crowning of Charles VII. As a reward for this service, the King changed LeClerc's name to Mot, and now we drink in his honour.

So there you have it, all that you need for the party of 2015. Happy New Year from us all at MFB!

Author: Simon Paul / Date: 18-01-2018 08:46 AM

Category:  Style

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