Rum of the Month: The Flor de Caņa Centenario 18 Year Old

Nicaragua - the Central American nation made famous by revolutions, coffee and Granada, one of the oldest cities in the Americas on a shark-infested freshwater lake. Don't be scared, though. Nicaraguans are known to craft some of the most comfortable hammocks in the world, roll cigars to rival Cubans and distill some of the world's best rum, and Flor de Caņa is one of them.

In fact, Flor de Caņa is the world's most awarded rum brand. Distilled from sugar cane grown in the soil of the world's most volcanic country, the finished product is a rum unlike any other. 

Its amber colour delivers a full-bodied taste of rich complexity and smooth finish with notes of slow-roasted nuts and dark chocolate. 18 years of aging make it a more serious-tasting, darker and refined. It's the kind of rum that you choose instead of a dessert, and don't mind savouring alone with a cigar in one hand and the Granada city skyline before you.

The fineness of this rum comes from the passion that goes into each bottle. Flor de Caņa owns the entire vertical operation. From the planting of the sugar cane to the sealing of each bottle, they are able to manage and control each step to ensure consistent quality and a product that is exactly as it should be.

Furthermore, the Flor de Caņa distillery is known as one of the most energy efficient and eco-friendly facilities in the industry, a milestone for a company in the second poorest nation in Central America.

For the aspiring enthusiasts to the connoisseurs, the Flor de Caņa Centenario 18 Year Old is a refined quality rum that we agree is an irrefutable Nicaraguan masterpiece worth the investment.

Author: Simon Paul / Date: 23-01-2018 12:40 AM

Category:  Food & Drinks

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