Sinot Yacht Presents Crazy 'Symmetry' Concept Model

Sinot Exclusive Yacht Design has just released designs for their latest concept Yacht model, Symmetry. The name was given for good reason, as the yacht was actually designed from middle out, giving it a perfectly symmetrical shape. Apparently this gives the yacht better maneuverability and safer transfer operations, and also just looks really impressive, and luxurious.

The vessel would be able to hold up to 34 people at a time across its' six different decks, all with differing purposes and designs.  

The beach deck features a large seawater pool, a tender bay and small pontoons which create an island-like feel.

The hotel deck offers a selection of lounges, bars, a garden, a gym and a 17 metre lap pool.

A private owner's deck allows private guests to use their own private spa, office, library and exterior deck with lounges and an infinity pool.

The design of the wheelhouse allows for bi-directional steering to be easily achieved, in which it can reach its' top speed of 20 knots.

Via Superyacht Times

Author: Coen Riddle / Date: 23-01-2018 12:58 AM

Category:  Motors

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