Spring Racing Attire Rules Featuring Topman

We all know that rules are there to be broken, but when it comes to the Spring Racing Carnival it is always good to have an understanding of what to wear on each race day. We have teamed up with Topman to show you some of our favourite looks instore. 

Derby Day Saturday 29th October 

We like to refer to this as the 'fun' day of the Spring Racing Carnival. Typically, your outfit should be black and white for Derby Day, however in recent years' grey has also been introduced. To break up the monotone outfit we would always recommend to a lapel flower and nice check pocket square. 

Try to avoid solid coloured ties and go for something patterned which will provide a little more character, this will help make the finished look less like business attire. 

Melbourne Cup Tuesday 1st November

Light and bright is the theme for the day. We have picked a double breasted light blue suit with blue accessories to complement. Melbourne Cup is renown for its lavish outfits being the main event of the Spring Racing Carnival. 

There is no set rule in terms of colours for the day, you go can go all out, be confident and wear a colour you wouldn't normally. If you are entering the member's area, you just need to ensure you are wearing a tie and socks. 

Oaks Day 3rd November

Ladies day, as this is the last of the main events you are able to dress a little more relaxed. The focus is all on the Ladies. We have always been a fan of the cream linen suit, whether it is single breasted or double breasted it is perfect for Oaks Day. The lighter colours defiantly suit a man with a tan so if you're fair maybe stay away from this option and go for something a little darker, navy is always a winner. Linen suits are also great to wear throughout the warmer months, they help you stay cool in the sun without losing your style.

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Author: Miles Wharton / Date: 18-01-2018 08:48 AM

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