Styling Tips To Make You Look Slimmer

When you're a heavier, broader or larger man, finding sleek and slim-fitting clothing can be a challenge. But if done well, the silhouette of a lean and cleanly-cut outfit can make you look lighter on your feet. So here's how to use your wardrobe to sculpt a slimmer you.


Make sure that what you're wearing actually fits. Badly fitting clothing that bunches, sags or stretches unkindly is neither stylish nor flattering, especially when you have a little extra on the hips. And more dangerously, it can seriously endanger your well-dressed image.

So buy shirts that fit well at the neck and have enough give to conceal any padding. And if they're still too baggy, take them to a tailor and have them brought in to hug your figure but without restricting your movement too much. 

Choose trousers that fit well around the waist and don't need a belt to stay in position. Then have each pant leg tailored to be thinner, especially around the calf and ankle, giving each a figure-hugging leanness that prevents a baggy and unstylish appearance. For the average man, you want a hem width of no more than 19-20cm, and you want them cuffed on the outside (giving a neatly rolled up look).

General tips: Opt for a spread collar in your shirt. If you need a belt, try suspenders as the absence of the belt will elongate your body.


Darker colours are more slimming. They hide fabric folds more easily and encourage others to overlook, like a shadow, that section of your body for brighter colours. But steer clear of blacks and instead opt for navy blues, dark greens and burgundies that add colour and style to your wardrobe whilst retaining the slimming grace of black. 


Heavier clothes will add more bulk to your image, so if you have a larger frame dress with the mantra that less is better. Seek out lighter fabrics that silhouette your body more gracefully and hide any extra weight. 

Instead of thick jeans, try thinner denims or well-cut chinos that give you a slim look without any unflattering folds or overstretched areas. Choose a low, mid or high rise according to your waist and figure, and learn to neatly roll up your hems if they're too long. 

And when it comes to suiting, finer wools are your friend. Look for super 120s to super 150s which will feel and fold lightly whilst looking full to keep you cool and retain your dapperness.


Some brands are intended for smaller men, and others for larger. Learn which cater to your size and figure, and have a target market that covers your needs. After all, it's better to wear something with a little less style than lose the seat of your trousers stepping out of a sports car. And if in doubt, remember that classic style is almost always better than fast fashion.


The right clothes can help slim down your appearance, but the most important aspect of your outfit is your confidence. Regardless of what you're wearing, a confident demeanour will make it work. So take inspiration and couture advice from fashionable idols with similar body shapes, and emulate their style. Choose colours and cuts that feel right when worn, and look even better, and wear them with pride.

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Author: Simon Paul / Date: 18-01-2018 08:44 AM

Category:  Style

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