Sue Lewis Chocolatier - Putting The Art In Artisan

Nestled in the bright brick-and-mortar basement of Perth's newest cosmopolitan locality, the State Buildings of the Treasury Precinct, is Sue Lewis Chocolatier - artisan of sustainable, small-batch and single-origin chocolate. 

The traditionally restored heritage State Buildings are a conglomeration of luxury and finery: the six-star, contemporary luxury hotel COMO The Treasury, Aurelio Costarella's flagship store of haute couture, and Perth's newest fine dining institution The Wildflower, run under the watchful eye of renowned restaurateur David Best.

But if you follow your nose down into the depths of the building, you'll find something even sweeter: an offering of fresh chocolates handmade from the world's ethically sourced couvertures and local seasonal ingredients. Bittersweet aromas of cocoa, berry and spice waft fill the studio that you can almost taste them in the very air. Organic ingredients are preferred, and each piece is low in sugar and free of preservatives. 

And the skilled hands behind each delicacy belong to Sue Lewis, a chef of over 20 years experience in London's restaurants who learnt the art of chocolate making under the tutelage of master chocolatier Paul A. Young.

But after falling for the Western Australian climate and the lackadaisical warmth of its people, Perth become a new home in 2011. Her popularity grew quickly, as did her fame, with British Airways High Life Magazine naming her studio as one of the world's best. And after falling for an oozing mix of chocolate-coated strawberry and balsamic, I can understand just why. 

So for the chocolate lovers and lovers of chocolate lovers out there, look no further for something sweet this Valentine's Day.

Author: Simon Paul / Date: 23-01-2018 01:04 AM

Category:  Food & Drinks

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