Sydney's First 24/7 Travelling Tailor - The Bespoke Corner

Having tested the waters of the Australian menswear market for two years, The Bespoke Corner has refined its methods, sharpened its flair and re-established its position in the Australian style scene. 

Led by Miles Wharton, founder of Men's Fashion Blogger, the team behind The Bespoke Corner are excited to bring bespoke Italian fashion to Australian men, encouraging them to embrace their personal style.

As purveyors of detail and quality, The Bespoke Corner prides itself on the level of its service, and is proud to offer its customers 24/7 fittings in the comfort of their own homes and offices. 

The first of its kind in Sydney, this flexible mobility has been implemented to enable a previously unknown level of convenience for those seeking high quality menswear without the luxury of time on their side. Plus, a fitting will provide a client access to an exclusive members-only club where they can sit back and enjoy a whisk(e)y while having their measurements taken.

When it comes to the quality of their garments, the devil is most definitely in the detail. As the menswear market becomes more saturated, those that stand above and beyond the plethora of entry-level sports coats and ready-to-wear suits are clothiers whose passion and skill drives them to commit their lifeblood to every fibre of their outfits. 

It is these efforts that make a suit great, and on details that the experienced tailors at The Bespoke Corner are more than passionate about. Extra time and care is spent on things like surgeon cuffs (functioning button holes on jacket cuffs), Milanese lapel button holes, hand-stitched buttons and entirely unlined jackets. They've even considered how you carry your suit, and deliver your outfit in a 100% cotton suit bag to ensure proper care for your clothes.

As a tailoring service obsessed with quality, it follows that all garments commissioned by The Bespoke Corner are 100% made in Italy, the home of haute couture. In a small town in the hills of Tuscany, a world-renowned factory using the finest fabrics (like Holland & Sherry and Dormeuil to name a few) imbues Italian tradition with modern design to deliver down under. And every piece comes with an Italian government-approved 100% Made in Italy hologram. 

But that's about all that you'll find attached to each garment. One of the most common questions about a well-made suit is who made it. But The Bespoke Corner has taken a different approach to owning the quality of their work, and affix no labels to their garments. 

Why? Because they believe so much in the individualisation of each suit that their own branding feels out of place upon it. After all, there is no better brand than your own for a made-to-measure suit. 

Author: Simon Paul / Date: 23-01-2018 01:01 AM

Category:  Style

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