The Best and Easiest 'Old-Fashioned' Recipe For All Gents To Try

The Old Fashioned is without doubt one of my top three favourite cocktails of all time. It's not because it's the simplest, the oldest or the one drink that draws the line between the RSL beer-puller and a genuine bartender... It's because every bottle-shop has the ingredients to make it and almost everyone actually enjoys drinking it.

Case in point, the weekend I was supposed to be writing this article, myself along with about eight mates all piled into a beach house in Torquay for a birthday bash. At the bottle shop which boasted a whole three varieties of tequila (read Why Tequila is So Hot Right Now if you don't get this), I found all the ingredients I needed. 

Here's how $73 can make even a bearded socialist in a slouch beanie want to suit up:

What You Need 

  • Ice (IMPORTANT!)
  • Bourbon or Rye whiskey (What quality of bottle you get will affect your overall price, try for something between ($40-$80)
  • Angostura Bitters
  • Sugar Syrup (heat 2 parts sugar to 1 part water until dissolved)
  • An Orange

Here's What You Do

  1. Pour 75ml Whiskey into a glass
  2. Add 2 dashes of bitters
  3. Add a teaspoon or two of sugar syrup
  4. Add enough ice to almost fill the glass and stir with a spoon until the ice melts just enough to add another cube or two without filling the glass
  5. Taste it and add a bit more sugar if you need it sweeter and stir again
  6. Slice off some orange peel and squeeze the skin over the top of the glass and twist to coat the drink in aromatic oils.

Nectar lad, bloody nectar!

P.S. Cocktails are all about ratios, take the measurements for one and just multiply it by however many people you need and grab a nice pitcher.

Author: Nick Rose / Date: 23-01-2018 12:42 AM

Category:  Food & Drinks

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