The Dos and Do Nots of Swimwear

Going to the beach doesn't mean you can drop your stylish guard. Unless the waves lap at your front door, you've still got a way to go before your toes hit the sand. Here are the dos and don'ts of stylish swimwear. 

Do Be Colourful

Summertime means summer colours, soft fabrics and casual, comfortable clothing. Your swimwear should be no exception. 

Light blues, greens and reds are staples, and especially so when patterned. Think palm trees, nautical symbols and anything in between.

White is a dangerous swimwear choice for obvious reasons, but makes for a fine linen shirt to cover your torso on the way there. 

Don't Wear Speedos

Unless you're swimming for sport, leave the speedos at home. If revealing is what you're going for, a patterned brief is a much more stylish choice. A more conservative gent can settle for a longer short, like a lightweight pair of trunks, allowing room for colour and style without showing off too much. But as a rule of thumb, don't show off too little either - keep the shorts above the knee.

Don't Wear Your Gold Watch

Just because you're hitting the surf doesn't mean you need to bare your wrists, but you should give some thought to the damaging effect of sand and salt on what it is that you're wearing. 

It's a good idea to leave the gold at home as sand will wreak havoc on anything gold-plated. Instead, choose a timepiece that is tougher and more outdoor-focused, like a dive watch. And swapping up your watch game will give you the opportunity to show your horological flexibility. 

Do Be Sun-Smart

Wear Sunscreen. Some skincare companies will straight up tell you not to bother with their products if you don't wear sunscreen. Why? Because the damage that you are doing to your skin by letting it burn far exceeds any benefits of a cleanse and tone. So, in the humble words of William Shatner, wear sunscreen.

Don't Forget Your Hat 

If we've learned anything from the last few Pitti Uomo trade fairs, it's that hats are very much back in fashion. A straw trilby or fedora is a wise choice for the salt spray and the sand, and goes well with summer-coloured clothing.

Author: Simon Paul / Date: 18-01-2018 08:42 AM

Category:  Style

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