The Power Of The Overcoat

As summer begins to fade and we start feeling the chill of winter it's time to dust off one our trusted winter essential - the overcoat. Other than the suit and tie, few pieces have the same timeless versatility as the humble overcoat.
Born out of necessity and built for functionality, the overcoat has evolved into as piece which has the capability to make a statement while still maintaining the wholesome feel of a true classic.
The Sleeve 

The sleeve should cover the entirety of the suit and shirt cuff and have some room left to ensure the wrist is covered properly when paired with gloves.


Traditionally, outwear is cut to a long length - perfect for the seasoned gentleman who's spent some time in a good pasture. The modern approach is usually shorter, between the knee and the hip. This cut compliments those who opt for tailoring which is cut close the body and want to do the same with their coat. Overall, the full length cut is the true classic and we recommend it if you're looking to buy a truly quality overcoat you intend to keep for life.


The overcoat has transformed into a truly versatile piece. Here's three ways to implement yours: 

1. Over the suit and tie - the true classic. Wearing it open can have a more modern feel, but a true gentleman keeps his buttoned up. 

2. Casual shirt and pants - dress it down with an oxford and some jeans or chinos. Incredibly practical for the gentleman who's on the run. 

3. To keep your counterpart warm. A true gentleman will lend his coat to a lady who's feeling the cold and let's be honest - it looks even better on them than us.

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Author: Miles Wharton / Date: 18-01-2018 08:38 AM

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