The Resurgence of Grooming: Barberhood Sydney

Australian men are once again taking pride in a well-groomed appearance. Our haircuts are on point, there's oil in our beards, and our moisturised faces aren't out of place around a boardroom table or on a jobsite. But the credit for our stylish transformation isn't all ours. Many of us have a helping hand, like those to be found at Sydney's The Barberhood.

Committed to serving the needs of the modern gentleman, The Barberhood is a place where the fades are fresh, the whisky neat and men can be men. Situated in the heart of Sydney's bustling CBD, this male-only barbershop pays homage to traditional tonsorial techniques, offers conventional customer service as standard, and supplies its customers with luxury men's grooming products. The Barberhood was born from the dream of boss, and self-admitted barber apprentice, Renee , who worked with the award-winning architectural firm Gensler to create The Barberhood's impressive fit out. And no expense was spared, as Japanese-made Belmont barber chairs, integrated music systems and a custom-made Chesterfield make this an old school barbershop with a modern twist.

But despite the allure of luxurious comfort and the rugged scents that hang in the air, barbershops still intimidate some Australian men. Perhaps it's the tattoos, or the blades or the idea of being styled by another man, or perhaps style itself that make some uneasy. But the honest welcome and the service of a good barber soon remove these trepidations, and in their place build lasting friendships. And it's easy to see why. The Barberhood, like most barbers, prides itself on service that ensures that its regulars stay regular. Staff use traditional techniques and quality products, and work to enhance a customer's personal style.

But time spent in the barber's chair is about more than a haircut and a beard trim. It's a moment away from the stresses of modern life in a place where a man can have a whisky, relax and be honoured with old-fashioned hospitality. And to top it off, on offer is an education in and the tools for a man to improve his daily grooming routine. In keeping with a more European tradition of barbering, customers can choose from razors and badger brushes by Truefitt and Hill, Taylor of Old Bond Street and GEO.F.Trumper, all well-established barbers from Jerymn Street in London. There are shaving creams and moisturisers that are good for the skin, and promote recovery post-shave. Plus there's encouragement for modern Australian men to shake off any hesitation about grooming.

Men across the country are taking pride in their appearance and become a lot more open-minded. Top class barbers and establishments like Barberhood are leading the change in the way men see grooming by promoting the the importance of self-appearance, but above all providing an inviting retreat where gents can have their hair cut, and face shaved in peace and style.

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Author: Simon Paul / Date: 18-01-2018 08:49 AM

Category:  Grooming

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