Top 10 Whiskies Under $100

Picking the ten best whiskies under $100 is a bit like picking the top ten zombie movies of all time... they're low-budget, predictable and all a bit the same. However, If you look further than most people, suddenly you've got a few seriously satisfying, fun and surprising experiences.

#1 - Redbreast 12

If you've ever drunk Irish whiskey and wondered what all the fuss is about, you haven't tried this pot still whiskey. Texture and flavour to put many a Grange to shame. Sweet velvety vanilla.

#2 - Ardbeg 10

My pick of the three Islay must-haves (this, Laphraoig and Lagavulin) because of it's freshness and more interesting peat characteristic. Malt, smoke and minerals.

#3 - Balvenie Double Wood

Popping up everywhere like hipster cafés but backs up the attitude with flavour to spare. Spice, stone fruits and Chantilly cream... also gluten free.

#4 - Deanston 12

If you haven't seen it, find it. This is the perfect balance of freshness and mouth-filling maturity. Vanilla ice cream, heather and honey smeared on a fresh cooked waffle.

#5 - Glendronach 12

Into sherried whiskies? This is without doubt the best available under $100 in Australia, so much flavour and a long finish that keeps on giving way beyond its age. Apple pie, syrup and raisins.

#6 - Glenmorangie Necta D'or

One of the few whiskies in this price range with genuinely different element; Sauternes cask maturation. Honey, spice and a crips finish that makes this whisky very moorish.

#7 - Starward

One of three Australian whiskies in the price bracket and the only one that explores what new world whisky can be. Maple syrup, 95% dark chocolate and lolly bananas... seriously

#8 - Monkey Shoulder

The cheapest (sub $50) and honestly one of the best. A blend of the same malt whiskies that make Grant's abominable blended scotch (Glenfiddich, Balvenie and Kininvie) done properly. Ice, cocktail, straight it's all good with this one.

#9 - Four Roses Small Batch Bourbon

Of all the bourbons under $100 (and many over) this careful blend of four small batch bourbon whiskies delivers far more spice, vanilla and texture. It's still a bourbon so expect to think "smooth" more than anything else but it sure makes Jim, Jack, Buffalo and Woddfords' all look pretty dull.

#10 - Amrut Fusion

And now for something completely different... Indian whisky. Smokey without the chemical edge of peat, complex without the overbearing sweetness of some sherried whiskies, still holds a great malt character too. It's not for everyone but damn does it shame a lot of scotches.

Author: Nick Rose / Date: 18-01-2018 08:35 AM

Category:  Food & Drinks

Tags:  #Whisky