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Is The Apple Watch Worth The Hype?

The Apple Watch finally arrived in 2015. So many people were waiting for this for so long. Everyone knew it was coming, but no one knew what to really expect. As an avid watch nerd, its place in the market was always going to be difficult to gauge, b

The Worlds Most Expensive Watch Just Sold.

Today we saw the Patek Philippe 5016A go under the hammer and it for an astronomical price.

COMPETITION: Win A Bomberg Bolt 68

Relative newcomer to the watch scene, Bomberg, is taking the world by storm with their bold, unforgiving designs, and incredibly unique features. The BOLT 68 is the flagship model for Bomberg, coming in at an imposing 47mm diameter.

Do You Really Know How A Watch Works?

Are you sure you know the basics of watches and their movements? Read On.

5 Best Watches Under 8K

Every man and his dog wants to tell you what are the 5 best watches in a certain price bracket (in their less-than-humble opinion).

Watches You Will Most Likely Never Be Able To Afford

A list of ridiculously expensive watches that we would all love to get our hands on.